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astute strategies
and choices

As we know, to outwardly transmit the identity of companies and organizations means to formulate a value system that can most authentically express and validate their mission, placement, and reputation.

Various errors can jeopardize an image capital that took a long time to consolidate yet can be destroyed very quickly.

Today’s digital, frenetic era forces communications experts to pay great attention and never forget that a correct strategy is always underpinned by certain rules.


An exceptional

Luca Glebb MIROGLIO has always followed the times with great curiosity. After completing his classical secondary school studies, his passion for observing the habits of people and targets inspired his study of Lacanian psychoanalysis, while he received his degree in economics with a focus on marketing. His first job was at Sai Assicurazioni (today, Unipol Sai), where he coordinated corporate advertising and communications, providing him with an excellent foundation and high-profile best practices. The 1990s found him absorbed in assertive marketing when he was head of communications at Invicta, famous for backpacks: innovative campaigns, Italy’s first website that engaged visitors, events, sponsorships; in short, the wide world of consumer goods. He then moved on to a major Italian public relations agency before founding Glebb & Metzger, an integrated communications group (strategies, public relations, media relations, advertising, social media, video productions, events).

Since 2010, he has been the Director of the Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi,a family foundation and philanthropic body that provides scholarships and internships to deserving young people during the final phase of their education.

For the foundation he created the Master Mësté, a successful master’s degree format that transmits artisan crafts from one generation to the next. At the foundation, he coordinates fundraising and distribution activities, relations with institutions and donors, communications, and the work team. Over the years, the foundation has awarded over 300 scholarships and supported more than 50 special projects (www.fondazionececiliagilardi.org).

He is the founder and current President of the Associazione Amici dell’Orchestra Nazionale della Rai (Friends of the National Orchestra of the RAI), as well as the founder and Vice President of the Scarabei, the donors’ association of Turin’s Egyptian Museum.

He is a national council member of Assifero, an association of Italian philanthropic bodies and the main promoter of the reform involving Italy’s Third Sector.
For eight years, he was the President of the Club della Comunicazione d’Impresa (Business Communication Club) and he later founded the Osservatorio per la Comunicazione d’Impresa (Business Communication Observatory), of which he is a council member.

His essays on lifestyle and culture are published by Edizioni Il Leone Verde and he has coordinated numerous editorial projects. He is a former member of the editorial committee of the monthly L’Indice dei Libri and the co-author of the GRV method (a method for evaluating the output of a press office).


A communications

At OXLIP, consultation means, first off, careful attention to values, combined with an ability to advise what is useful but also discard what is ineffectual. This type of consultation never loses sight of the objectives, the communities of reference, the variety of messages, the proper tone of voice, and the most effective visuals. A capacity for analyzing the Client’s identity allows us to precisely reflect its internal reality in the image that is to be conveyed outwardly, construct a coherent message, and create a distinct communications design.

The networkof specialized consultants at OXLIP, headed by Luca Glebb Miroglio, offers marketing and communications services and products that span the range of instruments.

Public relations and public affairs, relations with national and international media (preparing company profiles and press releases, creating targeted mailing lists, arranging one-to-one meetings with sector journalists, roadshows, organizing press days and press conferences, setting up crisis press rooms); advertorials; on-site and online events (celebrations, workshops, presentations, conventions); offline and online campaigns; advertising strategies and media buying; consultation and management of social media (editorial plans, creating and publishing content); monitoring events for participatory opportunities; proposals regarding corporate social responsibility; mapping stakeholders; drawing up social budgets, reports, newsletters, and corporate publications; designing and making videos.

A heritage
that is not to be squandered

Frequently, a company’s heritage is limited exclusively to its story. Or to the story of people (the founding entrepreneurs, etc.). But the importance of corporate heritage goes beyond the story because it must identify the values of the company and its brands. Normally, people turn to historians, journalists, photographers, or video makers to create a gift book or a documentary. They often forget that a story mustn’t be an end to itself.
OXLIP offers consultation that analyzes family and corporate histories by examining archives and documents, and by conducting interviews, studies, and research.

The next step is fine-tuning a strategy and storytelling that can help create products and experiences which engage the public and can truly and dynamically transmit the company’s way of thinking and working, and not merely document it.
Therefore, the standard steps are followed:

elaborate texts for editorial products and oversee the editions (outlines, preparing texts or editing texts written by others, graphic coordination, editorial coordination, communication)

create storyboards for corporate films (coordinate the production and postproduction, communication)

create concepts and itineraries for exhibits and company museums, both real and virtual (coordinate tasks and suppliers, marketing, communication)


increasingly current

In Italy, the Third Sector is undergoing growth and transformation, above all after RUNTS (the single registry that includes all organizations operating in the Third Sector) came into effect. Thanks to our long-standing experience and association with the National Council of Assifero, an association of Italian philanthropic bodies, we are able to offer complete and meticulous consultation to the families and companies that intend to operate or are already active in this ambit.

Family and corporate foundations are the most dynamic actors in this sector since they are able to evaluate the anticipated social impact of their activities, all the while respecting the humanitarian and humanistic content of their own identity.

This combination calls for a specific type of consultation and, in this context, our expertise enables us to assist law, notary, and administrative offices during the founding process; offer advice on founders, boards of directors, and scientific committees; and help identify the mission and placement of new philanthropic bodies and those undergoing transformation.

Our work also consists in mapping institutions and initiatives for families and companies that intend to support the projects of others and in overseeing the best usage of the resources they donate.
Services we regularly provide include accountability and accounting, the training of officers and employees, marketing and fundraising strategies, communication and promotional campaigns, the management of social profiles, and the staging of events and interactions involving the public and the media.

Above all, we offer an all-around perspective to create a unique and distinctive pathway that is attentive to nuances and details, in a delicate sector in which the reputation of families and companies can find the highest expression of their personal values.


communicated with

Today, universities offer courses in the Communication of Culture and Performing Arts, as well as the Marketing of Cultural Heritage; thus, we need to make distinctions and clarify that, like any other type of communication, communicating culture calls for “culture.”
The type of strategic pathway that Oxlip proposes to those involved in culture is, above all, the kind that thinks outside the box because the communication of culture calls for attention to the brand, the definition of targets, the identification of limits and opportunities, and precise techniques. But above all, it calls for originality and personality.

Public relations, relations with donors, relations with the media, image, promotion, and social media management. These are just a few of the aspects we oversee in every field of culture: academia; research; museums; exhibits; publishing; theatre, opera, and music; archeological parks; public bodies; and private and public institutions.

For 25 years, Luca Glebb Miroglio has been involved in national and international projects and has coordinated dedicated teams for clients such as:

Oxlip - clienti


  • Air Europe
  • Asics
  • Aurora
  • Axa
  • Axis
  • Biraghi
  • Calyon
  • Ciccarelli
  • Codebò
  • Consorzio Asti Spumante
  • Consorzio Brachetto d’Acqui
  • Crédit Lyonnais
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Diasorin
  • Ersel
  • Europa Donna
  • Ferrero
  • Feuillatte
  • Fida
  • Fior di Loto
  • Fondazione Cottino
  • Fondazione Maria Teresa Lavazza
  • Fondazione Nuovi Giorni
  • Fondazione Paideia
  • Fondazione Sanlorenzo
  • Gatorade
  • Goodyear
  • Guna
  • Gruppo Vergero
  • Lay’s
  • Maina
  • Martini & Rossi
  • Maserati
  • Mizuno
  • Museo Egizio
  • Natixis
  • Nesta Italia
  • Paglieri
  • Parco Archeologico di Ercolano
  • Pepsi
  • Pico Maccario
  • Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura – Vaticano
  • Reale Mutua
  • Roederer
  • Socialfare
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  • Teatro Comunale di Bologna
  • Termozeta
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